‘Temple Song’ (You are the one) lyrics

Perfect beauty contained in a man
King of Heaven who walked in the sand
Can a human house the divine?
Can your Spirit flow into mine?

Build me with your precious stone
Move into your rightful home

You are the one who has come to this temple
Come take control of my soul and my mind
Teach me to fall on my face in your presence
Come take your place as your grace I receive

Help me build you this temple of praise
Firm foundations so set in your ways
Not ashamed to now welcome you in
Since your blood has deleted my sin

So as my spirit aches and groans
Move right in to take your throne

You call me precious, you call me priceless
You call me yours
You call me sacred, you call me special
You call me yours

This is one of the tracks on Andy Flannagan’s 2014 album, The Collection.

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