E-book: Notes from the Shallow End

“Andy Flannagan is a poet, a troubadour, and a master storyteller. His words are like incense, rising out of the muck and pain and poetry of the margins… and they add a special fragrance to the world that must make God and the angels smile.”
Shane Claiborne

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Combined with the genius of Lloyd Kinsley’s illustrations, the 9 videos, 4 MP3s (all included) and multiple weblinks to agencies and reources, make this e-book is both functional and beautiful. It is the perfect companion to help you leave the shallow end and go deeper into the ideas and stories of the album.

Andy Flannagan’s award-winning album Drowning in the Shallow has developed a cult following since its release. Described as ‘a near perfect album’ by Cross Rhythms, its stories have beguiled and mobilized many to leave their comfort zones and find some adventure.

This is the coffee table e-book the iPad and Kindle have been waiting for. It is a fully multi-media experience, bringing together videos, MP3s and weblinks. The beauty of Lloyd Kinsley’s artwork, graphic design and photography is given the platform it deserves. He not only illustrates but brings his own unique interpretation to the concepts and characters that Andy is writing about. Theirs is a marriage made in e-book heaven.

This is an e-book designed to subvert the very medium it is presented on. Andy’s album critiques the shallow word of screen-dependent living, so here is an e-book designed to be enjoyed slowly to take you deeper.

Has your iPad been crying out for depth and meaning? Is it sick of the self-conscious knee-jerk shallow waters of Twitter and Facebook. ‘Notes from the Shallow End may be the answer.

Buy the ebook: iTunes Amazon Or check out the paper version…

What people are saying

“In this digital format NFTSE brings together the multiple strands of Andy’s gifting and ministry as a prophet / minstrel / storyteller. Having fallen in love with the songs and been deeply challenged by the book, I have found it very inspiring to access them in what is literally a new art form.”

Phil Stokes – Leader, The Well Community Church and Transform Southwark

“Creative, insightful, compassionate, challenging, thought-provoking, inspiring… I love what Andy has done here. It is something quite out-of-the-ordinary, so take some time to let it seep into you and change how you see and do life.”
Dr Ruth Valerio – Churches and Theology Director, A Rocha UK

“What an inspired idea. The stories behind Andy’s songs provide a profound insight into the joys, the pains and the challenges of our 21 century lives.”
Steve Clifford, general director, Evangelical Alliance

“Beautiful, beguiling, provocative stories from one of my favourite people. Give Flan a chance and he’ll make you feel things and think things and do things that matter. He’ll sing you a song, tell you a folksy story and somehow, smilingly reach through your heart to mess with your brain until everything looks a little more hopeful.”
Pete Greig, Founder 24-7 prayer

“Andy is an agitator, a poet-warrior. He pierces the heart and twists the stomach. He doesn’t shy away from a fight against injustice and the glorious things about these reflections is his honesty that his biggest fight is often within himself. What I love about ‘Notes from the shallow end’ is that it’s what I’ve come to expect from Andy – raw wrestling and prophetic insight as he guides us into uneasy waters and God’s everlasting arms.”
Rachel Gardner, Romance Academy

“I can’t think of a better image to describe our current struggle for meaning. Notes from the Shallow End says it all. And Andy says it with depth and authenticity.”
Joel Edwards, Director – Micah Challenge International

Buy the ebook: iTunes Amazon Or check out the paper version…

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