Andy has written a number of books which hope to inform, inspire and challenge you in your Christian faith. Here they are:


Notes from the Shallow End (book or e-book)

Your chance to find out the stories behind, beyond and somewhere in between the songs on the album Drowning in the Shallow.

More about the book

More about the e-book

What have I got myself intoWhat have I got myself into?

How to stay refreshed and keep yourself energised whilst running the marathon life of faith (Co-authored with Mark Ritchie)

More about ‘What have I got myself into?’

This book will take you from the moment your foot hits the road, through each exhilarating part of the journey, right through to the finish line.

12 Disciples

12 Disciples

Young peoples’ stories of crisis and faith

Gritty, unforgettable stories of faith, hope and love that highlight how young people connected to Youth For Christ are being good news.

More about ’12 Disciples’


God 360God 360

Why do we still do devotions as if it’s the 19th century? “God 360” contains 120 original and practical experiences to enable you to step into the thrilling story of God.

More about ‘God 360’




Distinctive WorshipDistinctive Worship

How a New Generation Connects with God

This generation of young people operate in a barely recognisable culture to that of 15 years ago, and this is an attempt to deconstruct some of that subliminal framework as it applies to worship.

More about ‘Distinctive Worship’

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