The-CollectionThe Collection (2014)

Andy leaves the acoustic guitar behind for just a few moments. The volume, energy and passion are turned up in these songs that scream for justice — recorded live at various festivals, or for other compilation albums.

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Album-coverDrowning in the Shallow (2012)

Andy’s latest album (and the accompanying book and ebook) is an invitation to take some steps out into the deep water, away from the relative safety and comfort of our flat-screen worlds.

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SonSon (2004)

A call to the prodigals, the grace of the Father, and our response to all he does. ‘Son’ is a collection of 13 tracks that captivate the heart and point us back Him. We live in a world where we encounter broken situations and lives, may these songs bring light and hope.

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Advertising the Invisible album coverAdvertising the Invisible (2001)

“Rootsy, passionate and thought- provoking, Advertising The Invisible launches Andy Flannagan as one of the most significant songwriters in the UK scene.” – Premier magazine

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organic-worship-tagOrganic Worship

Chord charts are available as PDFs here. Full music is available in the Spring Harvest Songbook (2008).

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