Fragile (lyrics and video)

Why does life have to be this fragile?
Why is there a death so close to birth?
Why does life have to be this fragile?
Here on earth.

The same waves that brought you crashing in with joy,
The same waves left your universe destroyed.
The same sand that once warmed this white man’s toes,
It makes graves for your silent flesh and bone.
Smiles that I will not forget,
Joy that left me in your debt.

The same nets that once put food upon your plate,
They lie cast like the die that sealed your fate.
Reason here has lost its rhyme
And words feel empty at this time

The same man that the winds and waves obeyed,
Is the same man who was the first one to know pain.
This same man, He could keep control of everything,
But this same man knows more than me about suffering.
So calm this overwhelming force
‘Cos earth and heaven seem divorced.

Words and Music: Andy Flannagan – © 2005 Daybreak Music Ltd.

This is a track from Andy Flannagan’s 2012 album, Drowning in the Shallow.

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