This poet (lyrics and audio)

I’m happily helpless,
Unspeakably silent.
I’m laughing out loud at this incompetence.
I’m soberly legless,
No style but some substance.
I’m running away to this now, but not yet.

No more calculations
No more dead ends
No more patient waiting
No more need to pretend

This poet has left me without words
This artist obscuring my view
This beauty makes its home in her.

My soul is reclining,
Yet secretly shining.
Efficiency’s taking a walk out of reach.
The foreground is fading,
My focus is changing
To this girl who is standing alone on a beach.

Now several months later,
I’m still tuned to this station.
I’ve ripped off the switch and I’m loving the sound
Of harmonies changing,
As life’s re-arranging
I’m pinching myself with this girl that I’ve found.

Words: Andy Flannagan, Music: Andy Flannagan, Dave Cooke 
© 2011 Downwardly Mobile Music

This is a track from Andy Flannagan’s 2012 album, Drowning in the Shallow.

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