‘Open arms’ lyrics

I will return to you and say
I am not fit to be your slave
For I have sinned and turned away

My journey home is filled with fear
Of what I’ll find when I draw near
Is there a welcome for me here?

Then running towards me
A beautiful sight
A Father who loves his own
He’s standing before me
Exploding with life
So I offer up my own

Into your open arms (x3)
I throw myself
Into your open arms (x3)
Your arms of saving grace

You know how faithfully I’ve served
All your commands I have observed
Yet he receives what I deserve
Have I forgotten where I stand
Taken for granted who I am
A child held in my Father’s hands

So come to the table and join in the feast
Where joy and grace abound
For once I was dead, but now I’m alive
I was lost, but now I’m found

This is one of the tracks on Andy Flannagan’s 2014 album, The Collection.

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