Andy Flannagan is a Luton-based, Irish, ex-doctoring, political rabble-rousing, singer-songwriter. Read more about Andy…

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New in Organic Worship: Reconciled – A song for Brexit and Beyond

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Join us in the mess” – a song for messy church – videos, actions, mp3, chords for free!

Andy has released four thoughtful, beautiful albums — from his most recent, ‘The Collection’, to critically-acclaimed ‘Drowning in the Shallow’, call to the prodigals ‘Son’, and his debut ‘Advertising the Invisible’, as well as a set of MP3s and chord charts for Organic Worship.



Andy has written a number of books which hope to inform, inspire and challenge.

Check out the critically acclaimed “Those who Show Up”, calling ordinary people to get involved in politics here

“Notes from the Shallow End” (book or e-book), is a beautifully illustrated companion to Andy’s last album “Drowning in the Shallow”.

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Why not read some reviews, watch a video, or even try out some of Andy’s mum’s delicious cooking?

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