I will not be leaving (lyrics and video)

Barely breathing you lie,
Left hiding to die.
Starved start to a life.
No-one gave you a name,
They guessed your birthday.
Who counts your head?

Your loss is in my face.
Please meet my gaze.

I will not be leaving till you hold my hand
I know that it’s the hardest thing to do
I am going nowhere till you understand
That I’m not going to hurt you

Throwing toys to the floor,
Few get through the door
Fear bolts your heart.
Hands are weapons to you
Touch feels overdue
So rewind to the start.

Your arms lie limp at your side
From love denied.

How many more like you are still in hiding?
How many more like you are just surviving?
We need an army
To storm this front.
To reach for the broken
And touch the finger of God.

Words and Music: Andy Flannagan – © 2009 Downwardly Mobile Music

This is a track from Andy Flannagan’s 2012 album, Drowning in the Shallow.

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