Fall (lyrics and video)

I’ll wait for the words I long to hear.
I’ll reach for the arms that pull me near.
I’ll hold on till all the pain has gone,
Then I’ll fall down at your feet.

I’ll stand, though I may not understand.
I’ll sit, with my short attention span.
I’ll walk slow, learning to say no,
Then I’ll fall down at your feet

It feels like I could now go the extra mile
‘Cos I’m seeing now

You bleed till there’s nothing left at all.
You need nothing from me yet you call.
You scream loud that I have made you proud,
So I’ll fall down at your feet.

There’s a long road ahead
And it’s making me wonder
If it matters how fast I get there?
I’ve been rushing ahead,
But it’s getting me nowhere,
So am I a tortoise or a hare?

Words and Music: Andy Flannagan – © 2010 Downwardly Mobile Music

This is a track from Andy Flannagan’s 2012 album, Drowning in the Shallow.

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