Drowning in the shallow (lyrics and video)

I would plant my feet where angels fear to tread,
But I am treading water, and feeling like I’m dead.
Failure is my fear, and caution is my call,
But the surest way to sink is when you don’t move at all.

Fall down, would you fall down on me
Fall down

I’ve been drowning in the shallow,
Stuck waiting for the rainbow,
But it’s only when I swim I feel alive

I have had enough of this obvious sin,
Playing for a draw when there’s a guaranteed win.

Now I think I understand what all of this involves.
Comfort’s calling me to back to the sand.
‘Cos this sea is killing me, but I know I’m free.

So lead me to your depths
Immerse me gently there
‘Cos freedom comes from dying,
Then coming up for air.

Words and Music: Andy Flannagan – © 2008 Downwardly Mobile Music

This is a track from Andy Flannagan’s 2012 album, Drowning in the Shallow.

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